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May your stay be pleasant,
And when you depart,
Take some warm memories,
To keep in your heart.
...Bunnie :o)


One morning amidst the abysm of time
beneath my singing tree,
the bells of Saint Bunnylove started to chime
as I sat drinking tea;
and thereupon billions of bunnies appeared
and covered everything!
  'Twas strange and exotic, bizarre, odd and weird  
when they began to sing:

'O lots of bunnies like to play
hopping games to pass the day.
Hopping bunnies hop around
anywhare that hops are found.
Bunnies hop in twos and threes
on the grass or in the trees,
over rivers, under streams,
in the playgrounds of your dreams.
Bunnies hop where bells are rung.
Bunnies flop where bricks are flung.
Bunny songs may last a week:
Hark the harey bunnies squeak!
Bunnies flip when friends are near.
Bunny jokes are fun to hear:
Why'd the bunny hop the road?
Because she wasn't chicken-toe'd!
Jumping bunnies love to leap
under snakes and over sheep.
Hop a mushroom! Hop on down!
Hop a frowning clown king's crown!
Bunnies snorkle coral seas
even when it makes them sneeze.
Bunnies bounce when falling down;
That's why bunnies never drown.
Every day is bunny day!
Hopping bunnies know the way.
Friendly bunnies, always kind.
Bunnies have a happy mind.
Bunnies play trombone and fife.
Bunnies die but once a life.
Hopping bunnies leap for joy!
Life is but a bunny toy.'

I couldn't believe how they boggled me so.
I couldn't help but stare,
but when I snapped out of it, where did they go?
None of them were there!
Suspiciously then did I look at my cup
and peer into my tea.
A trip of those bunnies reflected back up
and waved their ears at me!


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