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Merry Christmas!!

Well, needless to say, I was bombarded with gifts
this Christmas!!! What a treat!! :o)

To begin with, I participated in the
"Seryn Elves Secret Lights"

My Secret Light sent me gifts daily!

My Favorite things!!! Bunnies!!! :o)

My favorite flowers!!

I cannot put all the many sweet things she sent me here.
I am putting some of my very favorites! :o)

She did get a little mischievous!!

But, she was really an angel!! :o)

Secret Light made me this SnowGlobe at
Copyright 1999

She slammed me with a snowball again!!

See what a sweetie she is???

She turned out to be...
The Fairy Lavender Rose!!! :o)
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!

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