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Hey, My name is Bunnie :o) Welcome to my homepage!! I live in Tennessee , Home of the Vols ! Not only do we have great football but we also have the National Champion Lady Vols :o)

Yes!! I AM for TENNESSEE, and whoever plays Kentucky! :o)

The most important things in my life are God and my family. I have the most wonderful children in the world :o) I am sure that I am the only Mom who says that!! They are beautiful, smart, and talented...what a combination! Don't get your hopes up though guys, they are too young for you :o( I am crazy about racquetball and I like to sew and read. I love a good mystery and all the classics. I like to do the outdoors things like camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, and working in the flowerbeds, however, I don't spend all my time outdoors. Thats why you can find me online.

I am a tourney hostess at iplay . I love playing games with all my online friends! I am also a die-hard Zoner! Playing is what I do best. Practice makes perfect and I play every day :o) I am not big into chatting but, if I am, you will find me in AOL's Knoxville,TN Chatroom. The best way to spend time with me is to invite me to a game. Card games is my major focus, but I am open to suggestions...I will give anything a try once :o) I love wavs too :o) If you got some good ones send them to me. Can you have too many??

While you are here, please, take time to sign my guestbook. I want to know you came by!!! Check out all my links and my tourney and league pages!! My favorite game sites are linked below, too.


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